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Attic Insulation Santa Clarita

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The attic is one of the most overlooked parts of your house, as the space is not usable. However, it has an important role to play in controlling the temperature level. As the summer temperature is on the rise, attic insulation keeps the conditioned air in your house. It is also true for the winter season. You have reached the best platform to get attic insulation in Santa Clarita. As a team of reliable attic insulation service providers, we have helped several clients in the city of Santa Clarita, California.

Beat the heat of summer and chilly winter days with proper attic insulation.

Bad insulation? How do you ensure it?

The smartest homeowners give a call to our team for a professional inspection. Our trained team will check your attic insulation and find potential issues.

  • Insulation is unevenly piled.
  • Signs of mold and mildew growth
  • Leaks and wet spots
  • Damages in your old insulation
  • Insect and pest infestation in your attic insulation

Hire our professionals and let us remove your damaged insulation. We provide insulation replacement and installation services at the best rate.

You understand that old and worn-out insulation cannot control your indoor temperature. It also harbors harmful contaminants, including asbestos. We know the right technique to remove your insulation safely.

Cellulose insulation for your attic insulation

Our professionals think cellulose insulation is the best option to insulate your attic, as it is-

  • Easy to install
  • High longevity

Our mission is to make you feel cozy in your house throughout the year with attic insulation in Santa Clarita. We have an eco-friendly and safest solution with our cellulose insulation. Made of recycled materials, this insulation system contains no harmful chemicals to pollute the landfill.

However, we have also worked on other types of insulation to serve our clients. Based on our clients’ needs, we insulate the attic space.

We are highly systematic in dealing with attic insulation in Santa Clarita. Let us now briefly describe the way how we install new insulation in your attic.

  • We arrive at your house and make our equipment ready for the process. Our contractors accomplish the process by using an insulation blower. The machine is fed with cellulose insulation for fluffing up the materials.
  • We have a specialized hose to suck up and spray the fluffed cellulose into the attic through its nozzle.
  • When this process is over, we remove our equipment and seal the hatch.
  • To install your attic insulation successfully, you can hire our professionals in Santa Clarita.

Do not be concerned about the attic insulation cost

It’s a common question of our clients- How much do we charge to replace and install new attic insulation? As every home design is different and every attic has different needs, we adjust our pricing for our clients. We calculate the price based on-

  • The number of materials used for attic insulation
  • The shape of your attics-Complicated shapes can increase the duration of installing insulation.
  • Contamination- Some insulation materials have asbestos and mold problems, and as we need special safety steps, it reflects a difference in the cost.

Still, our attic insulation services do not cost high. Hire us to get the best service.

Licensed Bonded Insured 1048906



Julie S
Julie S
Los Angeles, CA
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Super honest, great work, efficient and VERY competitive in pricing. Daniel was super easy to deal with and just a really nice person. We got estimates from more than a few attic insulation companies on yelp (all with great reviews) and we went with Daniel because he was the most responsive, competitive, and I just got a good feeling talking with him. His team was very respectful, clean and friendly. 100% recommend Daniel and Eco Choice. From estimate to completion, he made sure we were 100% satisfied. We had attic insulation and new ducts put in and he even helped us rodent proof the house. The process was quick and just a really great experience. We've had more than our share of work done to our house and working with Eco Choice was painless. Big THANK YOU Daniel and team.
Dewayne Juan
Dewayne Juan
Google Reviews
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We had the best experience using Eco Choice HVAC & Insulation to insulate and rodent proof our attic and crawl space. We initially worked with Mark who provided us with an estimate. He was extremely professional and did a top-notch job explaining the process and different options. Daniel, the owner, was also a pleasure to work with. He cares about his employees as well as the customer. I especially appreciate that he takes the time to call the customer to answer and questions and provide reassurances for the work being done. His prices are as competitive as they get. On the day of the job, the crew arrived on time, and made quick work of our 1,400 sq ft home. These guys are true experts of their craft and were such nice people to work with. If you have rodent problems or need anything done in your attic, I highly recommend Eco Choice HVAC & Insulation
Raffi N. Burbank, CA
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Daniel is very knowledgable and has been very helpful in getting my house back to normal after the fire damage (ash) from the 2019 Santa Clarita fires. He was completely patient as we had to navigate the delays of the insurance process (check to the mortgage company, mortgage company requiring a substantial amount of documentation, then finally sending a check that had to be doubly know the drill). He never rushed me and was ready to schedule as soon as I called. He is a top notch business owner and always returned my emails, texts, and phone calls quickly. He and his crew did an amazing job of replacing my blown-in insulation with rolled insulation in my attic. They arrived on time, and had the job done before the expected close of business. They were totally self-sufficient, and as I worked from home, they needed nothing from me. They left the area pristine. I just had new carpet installed and I am totally paranoid about any marks--and they left it perfect. Outside of a clean attic with new insulation, you'd never know they were here. I highly recommend this team!
Troy Harn
Troy Harn
Google Reviews
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I just had my attic insulation done by Mor from Eco Choice HVAC & Insulation he was really a good guy. Very trustworthy, on the ball - everything that is good, he was. I can tell a positive difference within 48 hours in my home temperature. I had some remodeling done over the winter, I lost quite a bit of insulation from the ceiling. This fiberglass spray in insulation certainly worked. Call Eco Choice HVAC & Insulation for your insulation needs.