Air Duct Replacement In Los Angeles

Is there an improperly fitted duct for your air conditioner?
 Does your HVAC ductwork have leakage problems?
There is a risk of losing more than 25% of the air. But, how do you solve this issue?
Upgrade the ductwork now and prevent the escape of air. Hire our technicians to replace your duct and install a new one. Our professionals have learned to identify ductwork problems of your heating and cooling system.

Installing a new HVAC ductwork - How does it benefit you?

You may have overlooked the duct of your HVAC system. However, a duct plays a vital role in pulling air from your room to be cooled or heated. It also controls the air, which comes back to your room and other parts of the house.

When you have not connected your ductwork correctly, there is a loss of air pressure. It is also true for ducts with multiple holes. Thus, you may need to pay a high amount for energy consumption. To save money on your utility bill, you can hire our professionals for Air Duct Replacement Los Angeles.

Should you replace your air ducts?

Standard ducts last for 10 to 15 years based on the materials (plastic and fiberglass) used for them. When you find signs of damages to your HVAC ducts, you may rely on our certified professionals.

We have a trusted team of HVAC specialists who will inspect your system and make the right decision. Our team works with the goal of accomplishing the job with our skills and knowledge.

For a dirty air duct, we solve the problem by cleaning it. Air duct cleaning is essential every 3 to 4 years to prevent dust accumulation.

However, your air ducts need replacement when they have other complicated problems-

  • HVAC causing an odd noise

You may find your HVAC ducts vibrating too much during the heating and cooling and heating noise and causing rattling sounds. We will inspect your ducts, as the presence of holes produces loud noises at the time of circulating the air.

  • Inconsistent heating and cooling performance

You can find that your appliances do not cool and warm all the rooms consistently. The reason behind it is the faulty ductwork. Let our professionals check your HVAC appliances and find the solution.

  • High utility bill

When air escapes through your leaky ducts, you will need to pay a higher energy bill. To control your energy consumption, you have to replace your old ductwork.

  • Tangled ductwork

Tangled ducts are one of the common factors preventing your air conditioner from functioning properly. This problem restricts airflow and develops leaks. Hire our professionals to manage it rightly.

Do not try to choose a DIY solution for air duct replacement in Los Angeles. We have highly trained and professional technicians to identify the duct problem. Our team also finds out the missing connectors and repairs the damaged pieces.

Due to technological advancements, air ducts are available in different models. It is not easy to choose the right one for your needs. Thus, engage our professionals to do it for you.